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RCYD/RCYC series permanent magnetic self unloading iron debr

This series can go online with different types of belt conveyors and vibrating conveyors etc. It can automatically remove iron magnetic materials of 0.1-35 Kg from moving materials. This series are widely used in the industries of cement, coal fired power, metallurgy, mine, chemical, glass, paper, coal etc.
Technical Features
Computer aid simulating designed magnetic field with perfect double magnetic poles structure. It carries high magnetic field force, high gradient field and powerful magnetic force.
High performance neodymium, iron and boron made magnetic source is with high magnetic energy and is not easy demagnetizing. The demagnetization speed is less than 5% in eight years.
Its cylinder has drum-shape designed structure and is with self deviation adjusting function. The good sealing ability comes from all sealed bearing housing and the device can be used under the situation of all kinds severe environment.
The function of belt iron debris removing makes sure of long term trouble free running
The interlock between control unit and belt conveyor makes realization of two kinds of control methods, manual and centralized control.


Remarks: All products have enhanced designed types of T1, T2 and T3, which levels are higher than national standard.The magnetic field intensity is 90mT, 120mT and 150mT separately when at rated suspending point.(This is for r eference only)

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RCYB系列悬挂式永磁除铁器 内部采用高矫顽力,高剩磁的特殊永磁体钕铁硼等材料组成复合磁系,具有免维护、磁场强、寿命长、安装简单、使用方便、运行可靠等优点。适用于皮带机
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